04 February, 2017

Stonechat distraction

I found myself strolling through Richmond Park yesterday afternoon armed with not only a pair of binoculars but also a camera, meaning I came away with some bird photos for the first time in a long while. I was searching in vain (as I usually do) for Lesser Spotted Woodpeckers, mainly in preparation for the park-wide survey of the species taking place later in the month.

My lack of success can probably be attributed to almost constant distraction by the park's healthy winter population of Stonechats. Any photography fieldcraft skills I once possessed have long been forgotten, but you don't need any particular stealth skills when it comes to getting close to these fantastic little things. They seem quite unfazed by the stream of dog walkers and families with which they share the grassland.

1 comment:

Lee Dingain said...

Good to see the grey stonechat is still present. Interesting bird even though 'just' a Common Stonechat. Good luck with the Lesser Spot survey.