30 July, 2016

Breckland moths

I opted for a change of scenery this week and made the drive up to Suffolk to visit my grandparents. Conveniently for me, they live in a wildlife-rich part of the county known as the Brecks; a unique landscape characterised by low-lying grassy heaths, big skies, sandy sun-parched soils and crooked Scot's Pine trees. Their garden backs out onto classic Breckland habitat, and I set up a couple of moth traps there during my stay with them...

 Latticed Heath

 Pediasia contaminella

 Epiblema foenella

Beautiful China-mark

Brown China-mark

 Mere Wainscot

Antler Moth

True Lover's-knot

Apotomis lineana

 Catoptria pinella

Brown-line Bright-eye

But apart from that, I didn't really catch anything.

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