22 May, 2016

Saying goodbye

Green-winged Orchid

I finished my degree as an undergraduate last Wednesday with a two hour exam on the subject of 'behavioural ecology' - whatever that is. It's a hefty relief to be able to say goodbye to the workload that comes with a degree, but it's also going to be a somber goodbye to the city that has become my second home over the past three years, and to all the great people with whom I've shared the uni journey.

I've already said goodbye to my job at Tesco, effectively freeing up my weekends to be able to make the most of the Worcestershire countryside before our student house contract runs out at the end of June. One of my housemates bought a car on Thursday, and we've christened it with numerous trips to two of Worcestershire Wildlife Trust's flagship reserves; the Knapp & Papermill and Monkwood...

Grass Rivulet

Small Yellow Underwing

 Drab Looper

Micropterix mansuetella

Cercopis vulnerata


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