19 October, 2015

Balcony moths

Yesterday evening epitomised the beauty of autumn for me. It was still and calm with no wind to rattle the wilting leaves. Having been overcast for the majority of the day, a small break in the clouds on the horizon allowed the sun to ever so slightly display itself low in the sky. It pierced through a thick layer of cloud, turning the grey sky overhead into all shades of pink and illuminating the tops of trees with a warm autumnal glow. This whole spectacle lasted no more than a minute, but an orange-red hue remained tinged against the side of buildings and trees long after sunset in a way no camera could capture.

Darkness came without the big temperature drop I'd been expecting, and out went the moth trap for the first time in a few weeks. It was a busy night by balcony standards, with 19 moths of 13 species recorded. A beautiful and pristine Merveille du Jour stole the show - they don't come much better.

1 Merveille du Jour
1 Dusky Thorn
1 Blair's Shoulder-knot
1 Lunar Underwing
1 Barred Sallow
2 Lesser Yellow Underwing
2 Large Yellow Underwing
1 Setaceous Hebrew Character
1 Angle Shades
1 Black Rustic
1 Red-line Quaker
5 Common Marbled Carpet
1 Prays ruficeps

Merveille du Jour

Angle Shades

Black Rustic

Barred Sallow

Common Marbled Carpet

Dusky Thorn

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Unknown said...

Dusky Thorn is a bit vague, or is that it's color that makes it seem vague? I think it's because of the color, isn't it?